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Card design and manufacture

Card design is part of a process that is ongoing all the way through final plastics manufacture. It’s fluid, and dynamic with materials considerations, and different capabilities of client mandated printers. Over many years at Cosgrove Associates, I’ve learned to anticipate issues and developed techniques for card production. Hand-in-hand with exceptionally talented production directors we’ve been able to create stunning results!

What follows are some of my favorites.

UBS Metal-Etch UHNW card

UBS wanted an instantly recognizable card that spoke to the importance of their members.
With a carbon-colored steel card, the UBS keys were chemically etched in to produce a tactile experience with unmistakeable weight and value. The ultra high-net worth members received this card in a specially designed welcome kit all packed in a showcase box.

NFL players co-branded card

More than ever, consumers continue to use cards instead of both cash or checks. Sports celebrities have their own special following, so it only makes sense to market these consumers with specialty co-branded card services. The Tom Brady card is one of a series of NFL players with their own card.
All 34 NFL Gift cards can be see in this PDF: Click Here!

Macy’s co-branded card

Macy’s assignment was to create an eminently elegant card for their consumers.
Macy’s has the latest fashion brands on Women’s and Men’s Clothing, Accessories, Jewelry, Beauty, Shoes and their store card should appeal to this same retail segment. Echoing of their cosmetics lines, this gold and lipstick red execution delivers that appeal.

Capital One’s Quicksilver card

Capital One wanted to introduce a new, elevated credit product called Quicksilver that would appeal to a more sophisticated, upmarket segment. They needed a card design that matched the richness of the offer.