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Richly designed Premium Packaging

Innovative packaging concepts aimed at UHNW clientele.

15 Innovative UHNW Designs

Visa’s initiative for affluent package design
Designed to cater to the affluent clientele that Visa is courting, these 15 richly textured premium designs were developed. Many found influences from beauty and fashion products, and were sourced to present a simply exceptional cardholder experience.
You can download a PDF of these 15 samples here!


Richly layered, affluent card introduction.
Top-tier materials throughout combine with the latest production techniques to create a unique interplay of textures in this upscale carrier. Features include an embossed Visa logo, soft-touch matte surfaces, foils and varnishes, with a satin tab pull and a magnetic-clasp closure.
When opened, the box holder reveals a welcome message and richly printed brochure inside. Lifting the brochure displays the cards held securely in a platform beneath. A simply exceptional cardholder experience.
You can download a PDF of these samples here!


An eco-friendly card delivery system created to appeal to today’s device-driven consumers.
This streamlined option drives cardholders online to a landing page where, using less paper and concise content, they can easily access detailed information.
A stamped shipper with a crisp white finish contains two communications. The first, a single-page welcome letter. The second, two-tone carrier (see front). Inside, the top section highlights the card’s main features with accompanying icons. The cards are presented below in snug wells that are accessed easily and ready to go.
You can download a PDF of these samples here!

Snap Trio

A compact, elegant folio designed to appeal to affluent recipients.
The handsome box shown on the other side opens with a sturdy magnetic snap to reveal a 3-panel folio. This creates an engaging experience that allows for much versatility in branding and messaging options, as well as creative production techniques and materials to appeal to a wide range of customers. A welcome letter can also be placed in the middle panel of the folder or in the right side pocket.
The right side pocket can accommodate a comprehensive brochure of up to 24 pages.
You can download a PDF of these samples here!

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