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Jul 8, 2016


I’ve always made a pledge to strive for the absolute best. Over the years, like-minded people have found that working with me has produced outstanding results. My talents include corporate identity, digital and direct-mail campaigns, out-of-home (OOH), video walls and vinyl banners, premium packaging, point-of-purchase, event marketing, trade-show booth design and collateral, print design, and publishing.

I’ve always risen to the occasion, and delivered the goods. Excellent planning, budgeting of resources, and a clear open discussion of expectations are signatures of my skills. I like to stretch my abilities and master new forms of communication, and have a vast network of associates and experts throughout many different disciplines. Many of my associates have international exposure, and the same intense desire for excellence.

I’ve often been used as a consultant for numerous internal problems. The issues at hand often reflect a closed door policy for new talent, often at the expense of quality and on-time delivery. As a consultant, I strive to grasp the whole corporate environment and tailor my recommendations to exceed future expectations. My recommendations will always include safeguards and pragmatic solutions for impractical, and wasteful procedures.

I’m happy to work with you on a contract, or per project basis.
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Some retouching samples are available: PDF here!

I’m lucky, because I
love what I do.

I’ve been passionate about being an artist and storyteller since I was 13. That desire drove me to be a fanatical artistic zealot, constantly seeking to improve my skills to be good enough to reach my goals.

These days I’m a communicator, a narrative storyteller, and an advertising knight-for-hire. I’ve applied my resolute determination, research and work ethic to many divergent fields in pursuit of that 13-year-old’s dreams. I’ve worked for the world’s two largest comics companies, written for a world renown animation company, had Samuel L. Jackson hold the credit card I labored over in TV commercials, had my own digital banners emailed to myself for many an offer, watched the NYC Times Square millennium celebration with my wife which had my 70-foot Philips billboard backdrop… and had several tons of my successful direct marketing materials read, responded to, and even discarded.


CapitalOne’s Quicksilver card… “What’s in your wallet?”

I’ve loved every minute of it, and I always…ALWAYS look to the horizon for what’s next.

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Mark Mazz